Who's Behind the Curtain? . . . 

To Our Community of Friends & Neighbors ~

      We have thoroughly loved creating weddings and receptions for nearly a decade at Stone Gate. At the same time, we realize there is an overwhelming interest and great need for events that continue to build successful, happy relationships, especially after the wedding.

      We are pleased to introduce ShadowLight Events and the new ShadowLight Theater at Stone Gate. In our quest to help strengthen and connect people in their relationships, we are thrilled to offer fine entertainment, delicious food, enlightening performances, and educational courses (painting, cooking, marriage enrichment, etc.). We strongly believe the transforming influence of The Arts can inspire, lift, and connect individuals, couples, families, friends, co-workers, and our community.

      Located in the historic, beautifully-remodeled Old White Church in Pleasant Grove, Stone Gate has built a tradition for excellent events and impressive experiences that creates memories to last a lifetime. With the addition of ShadowLight, we are simply continuing our mission to Honor the Past, Enrich the Present, and Inspire the Future.

It's time to gather with friends and family, connect with each other, and fall in love over and over again!

It's time for us!


It's time for you!

Welcome to ShadowLight Events!

With Love,

Matt and Jennie Johnson


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